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Report Bugs, Ask Feature Requests

Report bugs and feature requests in SharePy project page.

You can also send email to dyerga(at)gmail(dot)com if you don't feel like using the bug tracker, or have any questions or comments.

Also you can leave some comment in the SharePy forums.

Get Involved in SharePy

SharePy is open to any patch to improve their functions.

You can follow the SharePy progress in its SVN:
svn checkout

There, you will find the most current version of SharePy. This version is constantly developed and may be things that aren't working correctly.
You could fix some bug from the bug tracker or some of the planned feature requests.
If you do this, it could be nice if you first send a comment in the forum or in the bug tracker, to assure the same work isn't done for other developer.

If you aren't a coder, you could help to SharePy writing documentation, creating a good logo, or even managing the web page.