Upload your files to Nokia Share On Ovi from your Internet Tablet



SharePy is an application to upload files to the Nokia service Share On Ovi from your Internet Tablet. You can to upload images, audio and videos with SharePy.

Share On Ovi is a Nokia service where you can store your files, share it with other people, comment in other people's files, and so on.

In a developer point of view SharePy is written in python, and it comes with a python library to interact with the Share On Ovi service.
It's the first ever python library for this, and it's done for Maemo. Now it only can upload files and get the channel list, but it's a beginning, specially when Nokia haven't published the API yet.


SharePy is written by Daniel Martin Yerga
Thanks to Stephen Wing for the SharePy name.
Thanks to gerrymoth for his suggestions and support.
The actual SharePy's logo is from the Gorilla iconset. It will be changing soon.


SharePy is free software, released under GNU GPL license, either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.